Huarachitos: Rising from the Ashes

The sun you see here was almost the only thing that survived a fire that destroyed our original restaurant in the neighborhood two years ago.
As tempting as it has been to give up, words like these from one kind Yelp reviewer have kept us focused on our dream of reopening:
“To the owners: The hardest thing about owning a restaurant is building and keeping loyal clientele… I saw your business expand and expand because we loved the food and the people. There was and still is nothing like it in Seattle. If you were to reopen, especially near the same neighborhood, ALL of your customers would come back… I love food and great restaurants and you are truly talented restauranteurs. DO NOT GIVE UP!¬†We will support you!”
We are back because of you, and excited to share our beautiful new space with you. We wanted to give the neighborhood a gathering place that is nice and authentic, but unpretentious and FUN! It is truly a dream come true.